Workshops (Sunday)

Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan
Bring a patch of your tartan and celebrate your heritage. Presenter: Rev. John Martin

Scottish Gaelic for Grown-Ups
Learn your Gaelic name, some useful phrases and sing along in Gaelic. Presenters: Barb Macaulay and Chris Robbins

Gaelic for Kids!
All ages welcome, from wee bairns (babies) to muckle great beasties (tweens).    Presenter: Lindsay Dombrowski

Give the Bodhran a Try!
‘Loaner’ bodhrans available! Presenter: Keegan Manson-Curry

Quirky Scottish Rituals
Find a soulmate, marry, procreate, divorce, die. A full Scottish life.  Bring a sense of humour! Presenter: Lindsay Dombrowski