Can I buy tickets at the gate?🔖 Yes you can buy tickets at the gate! However to help make for a faster check in process, you can purchase them in advance online at https://highlandgames.ca/tickets/
Where can I park? 🚗 There is parking located beside Government House and the Victoria Health Center but this lot often fills up throughout the weekend. You can also look for free parking at the New Brunswick Provincial Exhibition Grounds (361 Smythe St).
Is there a water station on site? 💧 Yes we will have the City of Fredericton Hydration Station on site where you can fill your own water bottle.
Will there be food sold on site? 🍕🌭 Yes we have multiple food & beverage vendors on site throughout the weekend!
Can I bring my pet? 🐶 Only service animals are allowed on Government House grounds.
Where can I find the schedule of events? 📅https://highlandgames.ca/schedule/
Is there seating available at the events? 🪑 There are some bleachers available and seating within the different tents, however for your own comfort we do encourage you to bring your own chair.
Are there any activities for children? 🙋 In addition to enjoying all of the traditional festivities, our Kids Corner Entertainment features mini golf, face painting, balloon art, and more!
Is there an ATM on site? 💵💵 There will be no ATM on site, and any tickets, refreshments or merchandise purchased directly from the NB Highland Games Festival must be done with debit or credit. Some private vendors may choose to accept cash but this is at their sole discretion.
Do family of competitors get in for free? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Any non-competitors, entertainers, Friends or Sponsors, volunteers, all must purchase tickets either online or at the Gates. For piping & drumming, heavy events, and highland dancers if you are not on an official competitor roster provided to the NB Highland Games Festival or have individually registered through our online registration forms, you must also purchase a ticket to attend any events.