DANCING – Competitor Information


JUDGES: Fiona Champagne, Kirsten Selvage, Adele Campbell
Competition Registration Number: C-NB-CO22-1001
SATURDAY, July 23rd, 2022

Morning Event: Atlantic Open Championship
Registration begins at 8AM. Dancing starts at 8:30AM.

PREMIER UNDER 12 – Atlantic Open Championship  
Highland Fling (4), Sword Dance (2&1), Seann Truibhas (3&1), Strathspey & Highland Reel

PREMIER 12 YEARS & OVER – Atlantic Open Championship  
Highland Fling (6), Sword Dance (3&1), Seann Truibhas (4&2), Strathspey & Highland Reel

Afternoon Event: New Brunswick Highland Games Pre-Premier Competition
Registration begins at 12:30PM. Dancing starts at 1PM.

PRIMARY (dancers under 7)  
Pas-de-Basque (16), Pas-de-Basque & Highcuts
Fling (4), Sword (2 &1), Pas-de-Basque (16), Pas-de-Basque & Highcuts

Fling (4), Sword (2 & 1), S.T. (3 & 1), Half Tulloch

Fling (4), Sword (2 &1), S.T (3 & 1), Half Tulloch

Fling (4), Sword (2 & 1), S.T. (3 & 1), Half Tulloch

FREE DEMONSTRATION EVENT for non-competitive dancers at 2PM. 
Dances include: 16 Pas de Basques and Pas de Basques and High Cuts 

SUNDAY, July 24th, 2022

Morning Event: Maritime Open Premiership 
Registration begins at 8:30AM.  Dancing starts at 9AM. 
PREMIER UNDER 12 – Maritime Open Premiership 
Sailors’ Hornpipe (4), Earl of Errol (4), Scotch Measure (4), Scottish Lilt (4) 
PREMIER 12 YEARS & OVER – Maritime Open Premiership 
Sailors’ Hornpipe (5), Earl of Errol (4), Scotch Measure (4), Scottish Lilt (4) 
Afternoon Competition: Registration begins at 1:00PM. Dancing starts at 1:30PM. 
Lilt (4), Flora (4) 
Lilt (4), Flora (4) 
Lilt (4), Flora (4), Barracks (4), Laddie (4) 
Registration by online entry only.  Entries close July 13th, 2022. Entries after July 13th may be accepted at the discretion of the organizer with a $10.00 late fee. Age will be as of July 23rd.  No refunds will be given. Age categories will be determined by number of entries. Last to enter, first to dance. Absolutely no field entries. 

Demonstration Event 
This is a FREE event. 
Dances are: 16 Pas de Basques, Pas de Basques and High Cuts 
Open to any non-competitive dancer 10 and under. 
No costume requirements, however dancers are encouraged to wear tartan 
Dancers will not be judged. 
Demonstration participants will not receive awards. 
Demonstration participants must fill out a registration form, but no payment is required. 

Rules & Information 

  • The Atlantic Open Championship and Maritime Open Premiership is sanctioned and governed by the rules & regulations of the Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing and ScotDance Canada. All dancers must show a current RSOBHD Dancer Registration card to register. 
  • AGE: Age is to be taken as of July 23rd for determining the age classification in which dancers would enter the Championship and Premiership.  
  • All dancers must dance the 2022 RSOBHD Championship and Premiership steps. The 7 Years & Under 10 Years class and the 10 Years & Under 12 Years class will dance cut steps as set out by the RSOBHD. Championship steps must be danced regardless of whether or not there are sufficient numbers in the section to qualify as a championship. If a championship class is cancelled due to insufficient entries, all dancers age 12 and over must dance the 2022 RSOBHD Championship steps – no cut steps. 
  • All events will be run according to RSOBHD rules and regulations. 
  • All dancers must present their valid RSOBHD registration card at the admission gate and dancer registration table. 
  • All judges’ decisions are final. There will be no access to judging sheets. No communication between a judge and a competitor, teacher, parent or guardian regarding any decision made will be permitted. 
  • Dancers must report promptly to the dance area when called or risk missing that dance. 
  • Dancers will pick up their competition numbers at the registration table upon verification of their 2022 R.S.O.B.H.D card. 
  • Classes will be decided based on the number of entries. 
  • Medals will be awarded in all categories based on the number of competitors. 
  • Aggregate trophies will be awarded to all classes except Primary. 
  • No coaching by teachers or parents while dancers are on stage. 
    Teachers and parents are not to be in the line-up area unless volunteering there 
  • Dancers and parents must respect the ScotDance Canada Risk Management Guidelines, local health authority directives, and RSOBHD Code of Ethics. 
  • Any protest must be made in writing, giving the complainant’s full name and address, and must be lodged no later than 48 hours after the event. Protests must include a $25 fee, which will be returned should the complaint be upheld. 
  • Organizers reserve the right to combine/split age groups according to entries received. 
  • No mail, telephone, fax or email entries will be accepted 
    Dancers must be in full dress including slippers to receive awards 
    No refunds will be given. 
  • Deadline for status changes is July 18th, 2022. Please email vnkodo@hotmail.com for any changes. 
  • Dancers must report promptly to line area when called or risk disqualification. 
  • RAIN OR SHINE. Please bring lawn chairs and rain gear. 
  • The Covid-19 waiver needs to be acknowledged along with the good health declaration. 
  • On the day of the competition, if you are feeling unwell, experiencing COVID-like symptoms, or if you have been asked by Public Health to self-isolate, please stay home. 
  • Physical distancing is strongly encouraged 
  • The NBHG will not be responsible for lost articles, accidents, injuries or illness to competitors or spectators at the event. 


  • New Brunswick Pre-Premier Dancer of the Day, highest total accumulated points on Saturday, July 23rd (open to all New Brunswick Pre-Premier dancers. Will be awarded following the afternoon competition). 
  • Reverend Ivan C. Murray Memorial Trophy (4-step fling dance off). 
  • New Brunswick Premier Dancer of the Weekend, highest accumulated points (open to all New Brunswick Premier dancers). 


Delta Fredericton:

The New Brunswick Highland Games Festival is proud to announce our continued partnership with the Delta Fredericton. Please see our Accommodations page for further information.

Online Registration

(Please note: registration for the free Demonstration Event is below this form!)

External link to Highland Dance registration form: https://form.jotform.com/221255213957253



External link to Highland Dance Free Demonstration Event registration form: https://form.jotform.com/221255213957253